To keep our Kampung spirits alive, the Sea Angels have collaborated with various partners including:

1. PESTA UBIN + Wild Singapore

For a couple of months each year, the Pesta Ubin team invites communities to share with Ubin visitors what they love about Singapore's last rustic island, Pulau Ubin. Pesta Ubin is filled with meaningful activities, over 50 activities lined up in the recent festival which ended 16th July!

2. Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M)

The Mangrove Mad R.U.M. volunteers of Pulau Ubin focus on educating and supporting the precious mangroves that serve as an organic buffer between Singapore's islands and the sea! With collaboration with the Sea Angels and Pesta Ubin, R.U.M. offers free mangrove walks, kids activities, and boat tours that will fascinate one and all.

3. Community Arts Network + Artsolute

Artists from the Community Arts Network, Artsolute, and friends have come together to use the arts for community, personal, and social development. By working with the Living Fisher Village, relationships, friendship, and understanding of the residents are developed through art, music, and puppetry!


Become a Partner

If you would like to partner with Living Fisher Village or book our venue for your activity, fill in the form below and we will get back to you. Need space for your workshop, cooking demonstration, farming? Contact us too!

Venue #1: Indoor area (suitable for workshops - up to 60 pax) 

Venue #2: Kitchen Area (suitable for cooking demonstration - up to 60 pax)

Venue #3: Outdoor Area (suitable to launch kayaks, BBQ, performance...up to 150 pax)

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Photographs courtesy of Ria Tan, Md Juhari & Terence Tan.