About Sea Angel

Sea Angel
is founded and lead by Philip Lin with help from a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about nature and deeply care about the welfare of Pulau Ubin residents and the kampong way of life.  

Sea Angel first participated in the Pesta Ubin 2016 . The theme of “Living Fisher Village” (LFV) evolved out of the experience learnt in 2016, with a view to get the residents of Pulau Ubin to be more involved in the island's activities.  In 2017, Sea Angel was honoured to a partner for Pesta Ubin 2017. With the gracious and kind support from Uncle Ak Kok and his family, Sea Angel held a series of activities at LFV host site (Uncle Ah Kok's house) for 10 weeks, from May to July 2017. 

LFV Activities for Pesta Ubin 2017
1) Youth education and direct hands-on programmes for improvement of villager’s life
2) Adventure kayak tours along the peaceful river and sea front of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Ketam
3) Guided appreciation tour to rich marine fauna and flora found at Ubin's mangroves and coastal shores
4) Village get-together party to rekindle the sense of kampung spirit
5) Communal art programmes brought directly to and involving the villagers
6) Medical monitoring of Ubin’s resident and upkeep of buildings

Check out Sea Angel's participation in Pesta Ubin 2017 here.



In 2002, a consultant engineer (Phillip Lin) decided he no longer wanted to live in a stressful environment. Urban living, workaholism and time poverty had affected his mental health which led to depression, pills and a suicide attempt!  He discovered money could not buy health. So he left his job. He built a floating home on the sea, became neighbours with fishermen, and enjoyed an unblocked sunset view every evening.  He discovered what it means to live simply by using sea breeze as natural air-conditioner, avoiding superficial interactions (i.e. mobile messaging) and raising fish for food. He discovered the beauty of experiential learning. He learnt how to install solar panels, collect rainwater and study how oil spill affects mangroves. One word - Paradise!
Then one day, he looked around and realised his neighbours and friends are not getting any younger. Will such wisdom he gained be lost in the sea? From that moment on, he decided to invite more people to experience living by the sea - and coined it as "Sea Angel". 

Photo Credit: Justin Ong/CNA

Photo Credit: Justin Ong/CNA

Sea Angel's Mission:

1. To be an Angel of our Sea - Protect our fishermen. Recover lives. 

Known for his integrity amongst residents of Pulau Ubin, Phillip Lin has risked his life in the sea to save people and to search for bodies.  Many of us - including sea cadets, kayakers, scuba divers - aspire to be like him, to uphold core values of Courage & Commitment. Sea Angels respect our sea and develop a reliable lifeguard support.


2. To be an Angel of our Nature - Protect marine life. Restore mangroves.

Phillip's journey of sustainable living has led him to learn about Mother Nature. When he started building his home on the sea, he studied every roofing and flooring, to create an eco-friendly floating house that runs on renewable energy sources. His growing interest in marine life taught him the importance of mangroves in protecting shorelines, filtering pollutants and as a breeding ground. But one man's action is not enough to protect our environment for future generations! Sea Angel respect our marine life and participate in activities to restore mangroves. 


3. To be an Angel of our Kampung. Protect our sanity. Play outdoors.

At the lowest point of his life (suffering from anxiety attacks), Phillip accidentally found a cure. By being in nature. He spent more time outdoors - boat paddling through the mangroves, cycling around the rural village, enjoying the sea breeze on his hammock. The laid-back kampung lifestyle conquered his stress and anxiety. No more medication. No more psychotherapy. He learnt to embrace simple pleasures and celebrate life. Sea Angel respect kampung lifestyle and help city-dwellers escape from the fast-paced world. 

Where is the life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?
— T.S. Eliot