The Living Fisher Village aims to bring Urban Singaporeans to the Kampong Ubin life.

Singapore was founded on the Kampung life.

1. To develop resilience, trust, and resourcefulness like a true ubinite. 

The kampung life was founded on the gotong royong spirit of working and living together to overcome their tropical sea environment. While rich in food and water sources, it was also a challenge to invest and build for the next generations. Whether through environment or culture, Singapore's success stems from the tough, character building environment which we wish to share. 

2. To develop innovative custodians of our community and natural environment

Living the life of a fisher village, replete with challenges, rewards, and all helps build an innovative and responsible individual who understands the importance of developing a sustainable ecology. By learning the science of building and fishing, at the same time dependent and harvesting from the sea, this cashless economy helps visitors understand what is really important with only one Earth.

3. To provide a safe and healing space.

In line with the Sea Angels' mission, the Living Fisher Village offers an inclusive venue of opportunity and relaxation unavailable in the city. There's sufficient room for visitors to develop and explore their various interests and hobbies. With an emphasis on the gotong royong spirit, LFV offers a second home where one can find and rejuvenate themselves. 

The work that we do in Sea Angel requires Courage. Courage to speak up for Ubinites. Courage to make it our lifelong mission to care for nature...
— Eileen, a member of Sea Angel

All photography provided by Phillip Lin, Ng Siak Juay, Terence Tan, Md Juhari, Victor Toh & Andrii Nema